H.G. System Bioactive Equilibrating Ingredients

H.G. System Bioactive Equilibrating Ingredients. This mask-serum of local application is based on a plant extract originating from a certified bio-organic agriculture. Efficacy is guaranteed by synergistic action of quina, cultivated grapes, foalfoot, and milfoil.

It stimulates the natural growth of hair.

125 ml

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Комбіновані екстракти деревію, червоного винограду, мати-й-мачухи, шавлії, розмарину, польового хвоща, кропиви, протеїни рису; олія солодкого апельсину, лимону, мандарину.

Method of application: apply directly on the unwashed hair, left for 10 minutes, then rinse with water and proceed to the shampoo.
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