ORising was founded in 1963 in Verona. Here, to this day, its main office is located. The company demonstrates its strong commitment to family traditions.

Today, production is led by the founder's son Mario Matiello. For more than half a century,
ORising company has been specializing exclusively in the production of medical hair care products and scalp and has proven itself in more than forty countries around the world.

ORising is a solution for men and women who want to find the best way to care for the beauty of their hair and scalp.


Italian hair cosmetics ORising consists of selected exclusive raw materials of natural origin. Each of her remedies combines the progressive development in the field of beauty with the unchanging traditions of using natural components.

The products of this brand will help solve any problems by offering non-standard procedures for hair and skin. The ORising line, which is a synergy of precise and personalized procedures, is very popular in Italy and abroad.
It consists of innovative products of natural origin of the highest quality with effective substances.

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